Participating Life Insurance Funds

iSelect Life compares products from the following participating Life insurers:

In certain limited circumstances (such as one of the above participating Life Insurers not being able to offer a certain type of insurance cover), iSelect may also include products in our comparison from the following Life Insurers:

The following insurers offer a selection of life insurance product available for purchase online:

If you are an existing customer of the Insurer below prior to 31st January 2019, iSelect Life can assist with increases to, or additions of insurance cover to your policy, however from 1 February 2019, this Insurer is closed to new customers:

iSelect has commercial relationships with all of the partners referred to on this page.

The life insurance products that are available from our partners will change from time to time. Not all of the products that we list are available in all areas. Due to commercial arrangements, not all products available from our partners are compared by iSelect and not all products compared by iSelect will be available at all times.

We will display search results for our partners’ products on our website (subject to availability) however from time to time there may also be additional products available via our call centre.

Product information is provided to us by our partners. Our website is updated as and when we receive this information to ensure the product information displayed is up to date and accurate.