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Aussies know about the NBN's benefits of improved speed, stability, and accessibility, but how much do we know about how we get connected? Read on to learn more about Sky Muster (satellite) NBN.
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What is Sky Muster NBN?

Sky Muster uses two satellites to extend the NBN’s range throughout Australia. The goal is to provide NBN to more remote and regional parts of mainland Australia and Tasmania. 2 Sky Muster was one of the initial NBN forms to launch, as it didn’t need to rely on fibre cables and nodes to be active. To activate a Sky Muster NBN service, a satellite needs to be installed on your property.2

How does Sky Muster work?

Okay, let's get this nerdy stuff out of the way.

Sky Muster relies on an antenna dish fixed to your property. The antenna then transmits and receives data from a satellite orbiting the earth. This data is then broadcast back to a network of satellite ground stations. And voila, you're connected the internet!

What equipment is required to set up Sky Muster?

To get your Sky Muster service connected, you may need in-home cabling to be installed. You might also need a variety of devices to connected either inside or outside your premises. 2

Other equipment may include:

  • Exterior satellite dish
  • NBN modem
  • Power pack
  • Ethernet cabling (typically provided with your router)
  • Router (generally provided to you by your internet provider)

The NBN modem will need to connect to a power outlet and a telephone socket with an ethernet cable, and then the modem will connect to your wireless router via another ethernet cable. Once you plug your router into a power outlet you will be able to connect your devices to your new NBN connection. 2

How fast is Sky Muster?

Sky Muster is generally available in two speed tiers. The two speeds available will peak at either 12/1Mbps or 25/5 Mbps depending on which tier you choose. It is important to keep in mind that broadband speeds can fluctuate depending on:

  • Your usage type
  • The quality of your equipment
  • Your signal reception
  • Software used
  • Level of internet traffic and activity
  • Your chosen plan or provider

Keep in mind, a Sky Muster service may cause some lagging to occur. This could be due to exceeding your data allowance or satellite connectivity issues.

Is there any way to improve my Sky Muster Satellite strength?

As Sky Muster can be a little fickle you may want try these ways of potentially improving your speed:

  • Change up when you rely on your broadband: The amount of congestion on your network can be affected by your provider. Congestion occurs in peak usage times such as at night when more Aussies are reaching for their devices.
  • Consider your device traffic: Imagine your home Wi-Fi is a road; the more cars that drive on it can result in a slower commute.

Your home internet is likely to run faster when only one device (e.g. a computer) is using the server. Yet, if you were to begin streaming, surfing the web and gaming at the same time you may notice a delay. So if you suspect using multiple devices is slowing down your internet, try limiting the amount being used simultaneously and see if that has a positive impact.

  • Review the location of your modem:
    • Remember the days of holding up a lagging phone to the sky to see if it improved performance? This is a little similar.
    • Household items can impact your signal strength are:
    • Microwaves
    • TVs
    • Mobiles
    • As such, it could help to move your modem around the house to find its ideal position.
  • Is your tech equipment failing?
    • Sometimes internet lag can be a result of poor-quality equipment such as modems. It may be worth trying out a new one to see if that boosts your broadband performance, or at least double checking to ensure your modem and ethernet cables are all plugged in correctly.

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Last Updated: 15/10/2021