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If you’re on the hunt for a new broadband package, Optus NBN1 might be for you. Optus offers a range of connection types, such as Wireless 4G, cable, and NBN.
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Optus NBN plans

Optus has a range of NBN plans on offer2. To find one that suits your needs, it’s best to first think about how you use the internet at home.

Do you love gaming, or do you prefer to stream lots of movies and TV shows? How many online devices do you have in your household? If you have a number of people in your household all using the internet at once, you’ll probably need to go for a higher speed plan.

Optus NBN plans may offer unlimited data, both on 24-month contracts, as well as flexible monthly rolling contracts. Starting at just $75 a month for the Optus Ultra package, you can get a stable, fast connection with unlimited data for a pretty low price. If you want to bundle your broadband with television, you can also add Optus Sport and Fetch TV, with a range of Premium Channel Pack options on its Ultra Entertainment package for $90 a month.

Optus NBN speeds

Making sure your internet connection is fast enough for your needs is an important step.

The standard Optus NBN connection gives you speeds up to 40Mbps, which is more than fast enough to stream HD films or game online. Optus knows that everyone has different needs, so if you’re a speed demon, you can level up to their top speed plan for an extra $30 a month, which provides typical evening speed of 80Mbps for silky smooth 4K streaming.

Optus NBN bundles

For TV packages and discounted telephone services2, Optus has a range of bundles to choose from.

Do you love chatting on the phone? You can add unlimited local and national calls for just $5 a month and unlimited mobile calls for a further $5. Optus NBN can help you keep in touch with friends and family overseas. For just $10 extra a month, you can enjoy unlimited international calls to 25 destinations.

Don’t have a landline? If you’re happy with just your mobile phone and don’t need a landline, Optus NBN My Broadband2 gives you the same great options at $80 a month for a 9Mbps connection speed, which you can increase for a small cost2.

For additional entertainment, you can add Fetch to your Optus Ultra pack for just $5 a month, and watch live games with Optus Sport for an extra $14.99 a month. Whatever Optus NBN bundle you choose, a free Wi-Fi modem is included and you won’t have to pay a cent to connect to Optus NBN, unless you need a new line installed. If you can’t commit to a 24-month contract or want a little more flexibility, Optus also allow you to pay monthly with upfront costs of $200.

Optus NBN service

You’ll enjoy unlimited data with all Optus NBN plans, as well as discounts for mobile customers. From there, just choose which suits your needs.

  • Optus Ultra (Unlimited data, monthly contract - $200 upfront costs)
    40Mbps evening speed $75/month


    • Phone line included
    • Add Speed Pack 4 (80Mbps) for $30/month
    • Add Fetch TV for $15/month and Optus Sport for $14.99/month
    • Monthly ($200 setup costs) and 12-month ($0 setup costs) plans
  • Optus Ultra Entertainment (Unlimited data, monthly contract - $200 upfront costs)
    40Mbps evening speed $80/month


    • Optus Sport and Fetch TV included
    • Phone line included
    • Add Speed Pack 4 (80Mbps) for $30/month
    • Monthly ($200 setup costs) and 12-month ($0 setup costs) plans
  • My Broadband (Unlimited data, 24-month contract - $0 upfront costs)
    9Mbps evening speed for $80/month


    • Add Speed Pack 2 (20Mbps) for an extra $10/month, Speed Pack 3 (40Mbps) for an extra $20/month or Speed Pack 4 (80Mbps) for an extra $30/month
    • Add Fetch TV for $15/month and Optus Sport for $14.99/month
    • 24-month ($0 setup fee) plan

Optus NBN support, rewards, and discounts

Whatever Optus NBN deal you go for, you’ll always get extensive customer and technical support.

If you get stuck in the middle of the night, Optus NBN offers 24/7 customer service over telephone, email and online chat. You can even get multilingual support. There is a big community of Optus customers and with the Yes Crowd service you can connect with 320,000 Optus customers who help each other out with common problems3.

When you become an Optus NBN customer, you’ll have access to a range of discounts and special treats through Optus Perks4, where you can take part in competitions and take advantage of special deals on dining out or catching a movie.

To check NBN availability in your area Optus NBN also provides a great NBN availability service5.

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