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iiNet have received dozens of awards for their amazing customer service1, so you can be sure you’ll be looked after by their NBN specialists. Keep reading to learn more about iiNet’s offerings.

Why choose iiNet?

iiNet are passionate about providing superior customer service to all their customers. In fact, they were awarded the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award in October 20182. iiNet also rated well for reliability and speed in the ACCC’s Measuring Broadband Australia Report in November 20182.

With an iiNet NBN plan, you could enjoy the following benefits3:

  • 20 complimentary email addresses
  • Complimentary email protection to keep your email safe from viruses and spam
  • Zero fees for excess quota usage
  • Around-the-clock, quality customer service
  • The choice between a 24-month contract or no contract
  • Flexibility to change plans whenever you like

iiNet’s contract length

With iiNet, you can choose between a 24-month contract with no activation fee and a complimentary Wifi modem, or no contract so you can leave whenever you like3.

iiNet’s NBN plans

You could get NBN with iiNet for as little as $59.99 a month, so it’s worth checking out their plans3. They have four available as of April 2019, including three limitless data plans:

Plan Data Speed* Price
NBN12 500 GB 9.9 Mbps $59.99
NBN12 Limitless 9.9 Mbps $69.99
NBN50 Limitless 42.7 Mbps $79.99
NBN100 Limitless 78.5 Mbps $99.99

*Indicates the NBN plan’s typical download speeds during the busy period. The busy period is between 7PM and 11PM.

Optional NBN extras

Once you’ve chosen your favourite NBN plan, you can choose to pay for any of these optional extras3:

  • An international call pack
  • An entertainment package via Fetch
  • An upgrade to Fetch Mighty
  • Multiroom to let the family watch in different rooms

What Is Fetch?

Fetch is iiNet’s digital IPTV service that is accessible through your broadband and iiNet set-top box4. It offers a fully customisable entertainment package so you can pay as much or as little as you like, depending on your viewing preferences5. You can:

  • Watch free-to-air and catch-up TV
  • Watch via your favourite apps, like YouTube and Netflix
  • Watch on your mobile phone
  • Enjoy 30 pre-selected movies each month
  • Choose between a variety of TV channel packs, like Kids, Knowledge, Vibe and Variety
  • Add a Sports package to access premium sports coverage
  • Add a World TV package that lets you watch shows in your chosen language
  • Add a second set-top box with Multiroom

What is Fetch Mighty?

For an additional upfront cost, you can upgrade to Fetch Mighty4. This is perfect if you like to record your favourite shows to watch later because it lets you record:

  • 585 hours of standard definition TV
  • Six shows at the same time
  • Every episode by tagging an entire series
  • Your favourite shows remotely with the accompanying app

Wireless NBN plans

If you live outside NBN fibre areas, you can still enjoy the NBN with iiNet’s wireless NBN plans6. They include all the same inclusions and optional extras as iiNet’s fibre plans but offer the following speeds:

  • NBN12 for the bare essentials
  • NBN25 for families and multiple devices

NBN12 and NBN25 indicate the underlying speed tier that the NBN™ plan is on and is not an indication of the actual speed which can be achieved.

Satellite NBN plans

If you’re outside both fibre and wireless NBN areas, you could opt for an iiNet satellite NBN plan7. With the same speeds as wireless, you can choose between three plans:

Plan Data – Peak Data – Off Peak Price
1 30 GB 120 GB 44.99
2 45 GB 155 GB 54.99
3 60 GB 190 GB 64.99

NBN coverage

iiNet make it easy to check whether NBN has been rolled out in your area. Simply use one of three simple tools8:

1. iiNet’s NBN address checker
2. NBN Rollout Map
3. NBN Rollout Progress List

If you’re not yet covered, you can sign up to receive updates on NBN progress in your area8. That way, you can get access to the NBN as soon as it’s available in your area.

iiNet’s toolbox

The iiNet Toolbox is your online account portal9 You can:

  • Manage your account details
  • Check your usage history
  • View your iiNet products
  • Manage your bills and payments
  • Change your Internet plan
  • Create email addresses
  • Reschedule your NBN connection

Finding an NBN plan with iSelect

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