Telstra Broadband Plans

Telstra has been a staple in the Australian telecommunications diet for many decades.

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It plays an important part in the country’s telecommunications history, with its origins dating back to 1901.

Telstra-A Pioneer in Australian Telecommunications

With the creation of the Telecommunications Act 1975, the Telecommunications Commission was formed and was to trade under the name Telecom Australia. For the next 18 years, Telecom provided Australia with telecommunications solutions. In 1993, Telecom was renamed Telstra Corporation Limited.

Leading the way on the Internet

Telstra provides the country with reliable and high speed internet and was one of the first internet service providers available to the general public in Australia. In 1996, broadband was made available to residential customers. That same year, Telstra launched BigPond, which has become one of the main-player on the ISP market today.