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Thanks in part to an extensive network infrastructure, Optus is a leader in delivering reliable home broadband, mobile broadband and other services to individuals and corporate accounts.
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The Optus brand stands out in the Australian Telco market for its commitment to investing in a brighter future, with the aim of making Australia more connected1. The teal blue “yes” on their logo signifies choice, affirmation, delight and optimism, as Optus aims to look towards the future and bring its customers with it.

In June 2017, they held 18% of the fixed broadband retail services market in Australia and are recognised as one of the “big three” Aussie Telcos, alongside Telstra and Vodafone2.

Optus services

Optus’ services are tailored to home, mobile and corporate customers, offering the most appropriate plans to suit each type of customers’ needs. For more information about Optus plans, contact iSelect and we can ensure you understand a range of available plans to get the most out of your service.

Home Broadband

With over 1 million Aussies choosing Optus as their home broadband provider, it’s clear they’re able to offer a service we can rely on3. There is a range of flexible home broadband services available. The plans range widely, so there’s something for just about everyone, from basic internet all the way to entertainment bundles.

Mobile Broadband

At home or on-the-go, mobile broadband plans from Optus are flexible, offering leading levels of coverage as well as great value. Get 4G internet whether you’re watching movies, studying or connecting with friends and family. This wireless broadband option doesn’t require a phone line or installation; simply plug it in and you’re ready to go. The provider’s 3G mobile network currently reaches 98.5% of the Australian population, so you can count on good coverage between the suite of modems and data SIM plans4.

Office Broadband

Choose from Optus’ plans to help you “build a better business”, whether you’re a small or medium-sized company. With a range of both mobile bundles and broadband bundles, you can choose the plan that will better connect your business and its employees.

Optus NBN

NBN is an open-access broadband network that was created to provide faster broadband services to all Australians5. It was intended to offer cost-effectiveness and more choice for consumers. Optus offers unlimited data NBN plans tailored to your needs. With the option to combine your phone and internet connections into one high-quality plan, you could save with Optus.

Connecting Australia’s regional areas

Optus is committed to investing more in Australia’s regional communities, to move towards a more connected country6. This is an ongoing movement to bring more coverage to regional areas. How are they doing this? By taking significant steps to improvement, such as:

● Building over 2,500 towers across 1,000 regional towns6

Optus perks

With bonuses such as mobile TV and music streaming offers, it’s easy to see why consumers are flocking to Optus.

The Telco understands the importance of lifestyle. Optus Perks is the community that brings customers special deals on movies, events, sports, and more, to help get them connected to a real work-life balance7. Customers can simply sign up via the My Optus app to receive exclusive discounts and deals on social activities going on in their area.

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Think Optus could be the broadband provider for you? If you’re ready to switch, or you need more information for your home, mobile or office, compare with iSelect from our range of available plans from Optus. You can view plans on our website, or contact our team for assistance on 13 19 20.