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Yes, most of us have probably heard of Optus. And, yes, their slogan is ‘Yes’. They offer similar services to other providers, like home broadband, mobile broadband and a bunch of other products for individuals and corporations.
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What are the different types of home internet offered by Optus?

NBN Home Internet

The NBN is Australia’s national broadband network. Essentially, this network has replaced the outdated copper wire internet infrastructure with a new technology mix, which includes fibre optic cables. What does this mean for us? Well, it means more Aussies should be able to access faster and more reliable internet. The NBN is still being rolled out across Australia, but as of February 2021, more than 11.9  homes and businesses have access. Later on in this article, we’ll look into the various NBN plans Optus has on offer.

4G Home Internet

4G home internet obviously connects you to the 4G network. But it works a bit differently to your ‘traditional’ internet connection like ADSL or the NBN. Instead of using underground cables or relying on a network, Optus 4G uses the same mobile towers as your mobile phone. So your modem will receive a signal from the nearest tower. You’ll then be able to connect your phone or laptop to the modem’s WiFi network. Tip: Whatever speed you receive on your Optus 4G mobile phone plan will be similar for your 4G internet plan. The good thing about 4G, is it doesn’t require a phone line or professional installation. You can just plug it in and get online.

5G Home Internet

5G home internet is pretty much the same as 4G, except the 5G network uses the most advanced technology, and can provide faster speeds.  To set it up, you’ll get a modem, just like you do with 4G. So all you have to do is turn it on and connect.

What home internet and NBN plans do Optus offer?

Everyone uses their internet differently. Some people use it to check their emails every so often. Other people use it to play games or stream movie marathons. (11.2 hours of Lord of the Rings can really do some damage to your data!) That’s why Optus NBN home internet packs allow you to pick from different speed packages, so you can look at your household’s usage and budget.

What are the benefits of Optus 5G Internet?

Optus 5G internet is the new cool thing. Since the initial rollout in 2019, 5G internet has taken away a fair bit of the limelight from the NBN, with faster speeds and improved bandwidths. It’s currently only available in selected areas, but as it matures and continues to roll out across Australia, “it will be faster, more responsive and have higher capacity” so everyone can get more out of the network. Here are a few of the key benefits of Optus 5G:

  • It’s the “next generation” of internet potentially faster average download speeds
  • It uses the latest 5G mobile network to bring internet to your home/office.
  • It automatically connects you to Optus 4G as a backup if you need it.
  • There are no annoying underground cables or wires you have to connect to, you just need to connect wirelessly to your modem.

Why choose Optus Internet?

Here are the top three reasons why Optus is an attractive choice for home internet:

  • Number 1: More than a million Aussies choose Optus as their service provider.
  • Number 1: More The Optus 3G and 4G networks cover 98.5% of the Australian population.
  • Number 1: More This year, Optus NBN plans were top rated for their average download speeds by the ACCC*.

*ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia, Report 9, May 2020.

What awards have Optus won?

Optus pride themselves on ‘going the extra mile’ to improve their network coverage, customer service and mobile solutions. In 2014 and 2015 they were given the “Most Satisfied Customer” award in the Canstar Blue Awards in the small business and mobile phone service providers category. This means they got 5 stars in every single category, including:

  • Service
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Advice
  • Range of plans
  • Accessibility of provider

Do Optus have any sustainability goals?

Optus have aligned themselves with the United Nations Global Compact’s 10 principles and the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to become a truly sustainable business.

To protect the environment as much as possible in their day to day, they focus on the areas where they know they have a significant impact: reducing energy use and reducing carbon. To meet their goals, they’ve set themselves targets using leading edge methods and a scientific approach.

They’re actually the first company in Australia to commit to Science Based Targets. Their key ambition is to leave ‘the smallest footprint’ on the environment. Every year they release a Sustainability Report which outlines the steps they’ve taken to reach this goal. Check out the FY20 report here.

How to manage your account?

The easiest way to manage your account is through the MyOptus app. On the app you can:

  • Check your usage
  • Check and pay your bills
  • Set up direct debit
  • Recharge pre-paid credit
  • Message an Optus expert

Optus will always give you a heads up when your data usage needs a top up via text and/or email. 

How do I compare Optus plans to other providers?

Easy! You can do it with us. Jump online here or call 13 19 20 and one of our consultants will help you compare your plan against our range of available plans and providers. Then you can work out whether you really want to say yes to Optus.

Last updated: 1/04/2021