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Telstra is betting big on the impact of 5G, with a $5 Billion investment over the next 3 years1. In this article you’ll learn more about their rollout, coverage, expected speeds, and plans for customers.
Telstra 5g in Australia

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Telstra is betting big on the impact of 5G, with a $5 Billion investment over the next 3 years1. In this article you’ll learn more about their rollout, coverage, expected speeds, and plans for customers.

2018 was a year of firsts for Telstra and 5G, which all began with a series of trials at its dedicated 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast2. Those trials demonstrated download speeds of around 2Gbps, and they’ve since been going full-steam ahead on the next phase of the rollout.

This next phase has seen Telstra switch on 5G capable sites on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas3. Over the coming months, Telstra will continue expanding its 5G coverage with plans to roll it out across more capital cities, regional centres, and other high demand areas.

By the end of 2018 they hope to have over 200 5G capable sites available for customers4. At the same time, Telstra is also conducting more trials in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to ensure they remain at the forefront of 5th Generation mobile technology.

Telstra has already reported achieving speeds of around 3Gbps, and latency of 6 milliseconds between the Gold Coast and Brisbane4. They’re expecting high demand for this combination of high speeds and low latency.

T22 Strategy

Telstra’s T22 Strategy details its intention to not just lead the way in 5G5, but to ‘win’. The strategy is underpinned by plans to build the largest, fastest, safest, smartest, and most reliable next generation network in Australia6.

5G in Melbourne and Sydney

In an NBN (National Broadband Network) report, 5G is expected to serve around one million premises with 5G-based broadband, less than one-tenth of the reach of the NBN7.

The telco used its annual presence at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year to announce a 5G network roadmap8. Although it was short on details, it intends to expand its Gold Coast rollout of 5G access points to Melbourne and Sydney.

Initially, 5G will be limited to the major metropolitan areas where the majority of the population live. 5G could be a realistic competitor to the NBN.

5g Telstra information

The potential of 5G

There are several opportunities presented by the rise of 5G, and Telstra is looking to pioneer them.

Fixed Wireless

Telstra is estimating that 5G could be used to deliver wireless broadband to more than 1 million premises, as well as being used across enhanced mobile broadband, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, and smart cities applications.

The Internet of Things

One major potential benefit of using 5G, and the always-improving 4G service, is for the Internet of Things9 – a new class of wireless devices with low-power and high-efficiency connection ability.

Telstra’s technology partner10, Ericsson, demonstrated an IoT user case for agriculture at its Mobile World Congress display booth. They did so using a connected irrigation device reporting a wealth of data on sensor status and alerts.

These high-tech applications could help future farmers and other customers better understand their businesses in the years to come.

What’s next for Telstra’s 5G rollout?

Telstra will continue to rollout its 5G access points in city areas, but this is just the first phase.

As announced in the T22 Strategy, Telstra will work to innovate and build a world-class 5G network in Australia to support 5G devices.

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