Coronavirus and home loans in Australia FAQ

Got questions about how coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your home loan? Keep reading to learn more about how mortgages could be impacted.
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Your home loans and coronavirus questions answered

What support is available if I can't meet my mortgage repayments due to coronavirus?

If I defer my home loan repayments, will they increase once they recommence?

Can I still make voluntary home loan repayments if I defer my mortgage?

Who is eligible to defer their home loan repayments and how does it work?

Am I still able to redraw if I pause my home loan repayments?

Instead of deferring my mortgage repayments, can I reduce them?

Is a fixed or variable rate home loan better during coronavirus?

If my partner lost their job after we received pre-approval, does it still stand?

Is applying for a home loan during coronavirus a good idea?

Will opting for a mortgage holiday impact my credit rating?