Split Loan Repayments Calculator

A split interest loan gives you the security of fixed interest, while potentially allowing you to benefit from any interest rate cuts your financial institution may apply following a cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia to the official interest rate.

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Find out more about how we make money.

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Compare home loans the easy way

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You can split the loan straight down the middle, or choose a customised option, where you decide how much of it you want fixed and how much you want to be variable.

The iSelect Split Loan Calculator helps you work out how different options for splitting your loan may impact the overall cost by showing you the total interest you’ll be charged over the life of the loan.

This home loans calculator is currently offline, but will be returning soon!

How to use the Split Loan Calculator

To work out the best option for splitting your loan, simply enter:

  • The loan amount.
  • The loan period.
  • The interest rate.
  • Your repayment frequency – monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Then fill in the details about the fixed component of the loan:

  • The percentage of the loan that is the fixed portion.
  • The fixed term.
  • The fixed interest rate.

How to read the results

The Split Loan Calculator will show you the total interest amount if interest for the entire loan was charged at the variable rate compared to the amount of interest you’ll pay under the variable/fixed structure. The graph shows the amount left to pay on both the fixed and variable portions of the loan for each year of the loan.

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