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Budget Direct have been Money magazine’s ‘Insurer of the Year’ five years in a row. And those aren’t old awards, we’re talking 2017-2021. They were also the ‘Best of the Best’ in both Home & Contents and Car Insurance for 20201
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What are the benefits of going with Budget Direct for Home Insurance?

First and foremost, affordable cover. But as we know, price isn’t always everything, so here’s some more reasons to consider Budget Direct for your Home & Contents Insurance:

  • Repairs: The quality, workmanship, and materials of any repairs undertaken on your property is guaranteed. So, you can rest easy on that one.
  • Temporary accommodation: If your house is deemed unlivable due to an insured event, you could be provided accommodation for up to 12 months. And yes, this also includes any furry family members, as pets may also be covered, subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of your policy.
  • Optional flood cover: Budget Direct offers optional flood cover in addition to the standard insured events covered by the policy.
  • New-for-old replacement: If any of your insured contents are stolen or damaged beyond repair, Budget Direct may replace them (up to policy limits and if available within Australia).
  • Legal liability: It can help cover your legal liability for death or physical injury to other people, or for loss or damage to other people's property caused by an accident at the insured address (Home Insurance) or anywhere in Australia (Contents Insurance). The most Budget Direct will pay for all liability claims (including legal costs) arising from any one accident is $20 million (including GST), less any applicable excess.
  • 24/7 claims: Customer service is a big deal. With Budget Direct, you’ve got 24/7 claims access, 365 days a year.

What types of Home and Contents insurance does Budget Direct offer?

Depending on your living arrangements, there are a number of options to consider:

  • Home Insurance: Helps protect your home from events such as storms, fire and theft, and includes cover for repairs, rebuilds and temporary accommodation.
  • Contents Insurance: This helps cover items inside your home like your furniture, electronics and valuables. Budget Direct offers new for old replacement for your contents if they’re irreparably damaged during an insured event, subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of your policy.
  • Home & Contents: A combination of the previous two in one simple policy.
  • Landlord Insurance: Similar to Home & Contents but for your investment property should it suffer loss or damage.

What type of events does Budget Direct Home and Contents insurance cover?

Some of the events that Budget Direct Home and Contents insurance helps cover your house and personal possessions for includes, loss or damage caused by the following insured events:

  • Storm and rainwater (flood cover is optional);
  • Fire;
  • Lightning;
  • Theft (or attempted theft);
  • Escape of liquid (e.g. burst pipe);
  • Impact at home (e.g. fallen tree);
  • Breakage of glass, ceramic and sanitary fixtures;
  • Malicious damage, vandalism, riot or civil commotion;
  • Explosion;
  • Earthquake or tsunami;

What optional cover is available?

There are a number of Optional Covers you can consider when customising your Home & Contents insurance policy with Budget Direct.

  • Flood Cover: Covers your home and contents against loss or damage caused by flooding.
  • Personal Effects Cover: This Optional Cover allows you to take certain contents away from your home like jewellery, sunglasses or cameras and insure them if you lose or damage these items
  • Accidental Damage: Optional Accidental Damage extends this cover to most of your home and contents
  • Motor Burnout: If a power surge burns out a motor that’s less than 10 years old, not only is the motor covered, also you’re covered for spoilage of food.
  • Sum Insured Safeguard: If your nominated sum insured is insufficient to repair, rebuild or replace your home, Budget Direct will increase it by up to 25%.
  • Landlord Cover: Provides cover if your tenant defaults on their rental payments, and or steals from or maliciously damages your property. 
  • Commercial Storage: For contents insurance holders who want to store some of their contents away from home in a commercial storage facility.

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