3rd July, 2017 | 3 minutes
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Forty per cent of Aussies with the NBN are confused about speed tiers

by Laura Crowden
iSelect Corporate Affairs Manager

Research released today by NBN experts iSelect revealed that almost 40 per cent of NBN users don’t know what speed tier they are currently on.

The Galaxy Research study, commissioned by iSelect to assess the attitudes of Australian households towards the NBN [1], found that 29 per cent of Australian households are currently connected to the NBN. Across Australia, those living outside capital cities are almost twice as likely to be connected to the NBN.

Although NBN users are confused about speed tiers, the survey also revealed they are generally satisfied with the speed delivered by the NBN.  The Galaxy survey found 8 out of 10 Australian households connected to the NBN are satisfied with their internet speed.

Laura Crowden, spokesperson for iSelect, said confusion around speed tiers can lead to Aussies being unsure of what to expect from their NBN service once connected.

“Our research suggests that over a million NBN users don’t know if their NBN service is delivering them the agreed speed stated in their contract.’’

“This suggests that people are connecting to the NBN without being properly informed on the speed tier options available and how they work,” said Laura.

Retailers have designed their plans around the NBN’s four speed tiers (12, 25, 50 & 100 megabits per second) which consumers will need to select from ahead of their connection taking place. Each option can vary in cost depending on the data allowance and provider.

Despite the faster speeds now available, Laura cautioned against Australians automatically selecting the fastest speed and instead urged them to match a speed tier with their usage and budget.

“When it comes to the NBN, the right speed tier will depend on your internet needs, how many people and devices will be connecting and how important upload and download speed is to your daily internet use. It is important to remember that some of the slower plans (such as 12mbps) may end up being slower than your previous ADSL2+ connection,” said Laura.

“If you run a business from home, consume a lot of entertainment or play online games, a faster speed might be suitable. However, if you just use the internet to check your emails or Facebook occasionally, a cheaper slower NBN connection might be more suitable.”

With so many options and variables in the market, Australians are being encouraged to speak to an expert to ensure they sign up to the right service.

“An NBN expert will be able to cut through the complexity and match a speed-tier and plan with your individual needs and budget. After that you can rest easy and enjoy all the benefits the NBN has to offer,” said Laura.

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[1] In April 2017 iSelect commissioned a nationally representative consumer research study with Galaxy Research to assess the attitudes of over 1,100 Australians household decision makers towards the NBN


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