25th September, 2017 | 3 minutes
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You've heard about smart phones, but what about smart homes?

by Matt Duigan
Life Admin Geek

Gone are the days when a kettle was just a kettle. Now it could also be an internet or Bluetooth-enabled smart device communicating with the various other smart devices in your home. This is the reality of the connected home – also known as the smart home.

Think of the connected home as a network of smart devices – from mobiles, PCs and tablets to home appliances, lights and temperature controls – all working harmoniously through your home wireless network.

Considering the average Australian home already has 13.7 different internet-connected devices, and by 2021 it’s expected there will be an average of 30 connected devices per person on the planet. These devices can include things like smart TVs, laptops, iPads, tablets, phones, Google Home and more! It’s safe to say the trend will only grow.

In fact, Australia’s boom in connected home technology is expected to reach $4.7 billion in the next four years.

With technology playing an increasingly larger role in our lives, what can we expect to gain from the smart households of the future? And no, it won’t be a killer robot uprising like in The Terminator. Or will it? Just kidding.

Like Siri, but for your home

We’re already used to virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri listening in to our conversations and giving us cheek, but now the technology is being used to control connected home technology. These ‘smart home hubs’ – such as Google Home and Amazon Echo – are essentially voice-activated speakers that answer your questions, access your personal data and allow you to remotely control your connected home devices.

While the technology’s current uses mostly involve playing music remotely and answering inane questions – like “What is the meaning of life?” – the true potential of the smart home hub will soon be realised as we see more connected home technology entering our households.

Imagine being able to verbally activate the coffee machine, heated bathroom floor tiles and sound system in the mornings all from the comfort of your bed. Ultimate convenience.

Google Assistant, take care of my taxes – now!

If only.

Make your home work – so you don’t have to

Aside from convenience, connected home technology also frees up time to concentrate on life’s other obligations. For example, instead of walking through the house at night to turn off all the lights, or rushing home to make sure you didn’t leave the oven on, you can control all of these features remotely from your smart mobile device.

Many connected home devices also learn from your habits and preferences. This semi-autonomous feature means your home can learn to take care of itself to a certain degree. Like the GreenIQ watering and sprinkler system that checks the weather for rain will intelligently respond. It can also check the moisture in the ground and won’t water unless your lawn and plants need it. Fantastic for water conservation.

Watch your home, away from home

Thanks to Wi-Fi-enabled connected home technology, such as Nest’s indoor and outdoor security cameras, you can always keep an eye on your castle and those within it. With phone alerts to notify you of trespassers caught on your property while you’re away, built-in mics and speakers to scare off suspicious visitors, as well as 24/7 livestreaming, you can always have peace of mind that your property is secure.

This level of convenience, efficiency and safety are just some of the many advantages of the connected home. As the technology improves, we can expect to see more smart home technology emerging to help streamline our lives.

Keep your family secure with nest connected home products.

Learn more and buy

Telsyte Emerging Technologies: https://www.telsyte.com.au/announcements/2017/9/5/iothome-market-set-to-soar-with-more-than-300-million-connected-devices-in-australian-homes-by-2021



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