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82% of Australians said they were concerned about their upcoming summer energy bill, recent research suggests*.

You don’t have to be one of them.

Top 10 tips to save money on your energy bills

  1. Stay cool. When you’re washing clothes, try and use cold water instead of hot
  2. Switch off. When going to work or bed, completely turn off all equipment including your printer, TV and computer – they all consume power when they’re on standby
  3. Air dry. Try to avoid using your clothes dryer as much as possible. The clothesline is free and environmentally friendly!
  4. Look to the stars. Always look at the star rating when buying whitegoods. Try not to go below 4 Energy Stars if it’s within budget. Short term expense can result in long term savings
  5. Be cool. During summer, set your air con to between 23° and 25°, instead of the coldest setting
  6. Put a lid on it. Cover your pots and pans with a lid when cooking. This will help keep costs down because you’re using less gas
  7. Light bulb moment. Replace household light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, such as LED and CFL bulbs
  8. Seal it. Your fridge is always on. Check the door seal is tight and not coming off so cold air doesn’t escape
  9. H2NO! Use a shower timer and switch to a low-flow showerhead to reduce gas and electricity usage
  10. Research, compare and buy. When was the last time you compared energy providers? A new energy provider with lower rates could reduce your bills (and switching to renewables can reduce your footprint)

There are many benefits to living in a green home. Not only does it show your commitment to sustainability, it also gives you greater control of your finances. Going green is easy to start, too: You don’t need to renovate or spend big buying new appliances – a little inspiration and a few insider tips is all you need to make the change.

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*Galaxy Research, December 2017, 1,144 Australians.