We know that supersized electricity bills aren’t pleasant

Coming into the colder months it’s almost time we are hit with higher electricity bills. Below you will find six top tips for keeping costs down as we make our way into winter.

6 ways to cut down on your electricity costs

Save yourself from bill shock by looking at changes you can make now. Here are 6 easy tips you can make to reduce your power usage and electricity costs:

1. Find the right contract for you. Contracts can be super confusing, especially comparing all the fine print, kilowatts and discounts across the different providers. If you’re not sure whether your current provider is offering you the best rate, it may be a good idea to compare different providers.

2. Turn off your appliances. Did you know that some appliances still use power even when you are not using them? Try turning your appliances off at the wall to reduce your power bill.

3. In the kitchen. It's the simple task of checking your fridge seals are intact and changing your grocery shop to every few days instead of weekly. This lowers the power running through your fridge to keep everything cool.

4. In the laundry and bathroom. Shorten your showers, use the cold wash function on your washing machine (again, wait for full loads) and try to use the good old fashion washing line instead of the dryer. This will reduce power usage and hopefully get you in the routine of good power saving habits.

5. Get on board with smart meter technology. Smart meters are different to traditional meters in the way the read your power usage. This clever technology allows you to send automatic readings to your service provider. Smart meters also allow you to elect a 'time of use' electricity offer – this means you can keep costs down at certain peak times during the day. A fantastic money saving tip that lets you manage what’s best for your home and lifestyle.

6. Get the household involved. Have a chat about how those high bills and habits could be affecting short term and long term goals and finances (this could be a big enough savings for an extra holiday through the year). To avoid future bill shock, ask everyone to come up with a small plan about how they can continue to save energy.

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