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A smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone.



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Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm features and benefits

The smoke alarm other alarms look up to.

Detect CO

Detects invisible, odourless but deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Get notifications on your phone

Nest Protect sends an alert to your phone when something's wrong at home.

Split-Spectrum Sensor

Seconds count. The Split-Spectrum Sensor detects both fast and slow burning fires.

Vocal Alarms

Speaks up to tell you what's wrong and where the problem is.

Self testing

Nest Protect tests its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day, so you'll never have to wonder whether it's working or not.

App silence

App Silence lets you quiet down false alarms with your phone instead of your dish towel.

Beep no more

Before it needs new batteries, Nest Protect will send a message to your phone to let you know, well in advance.


Bit of a night owl? Nest Protect lights your way at night so you'll never have to stumble your way to the bathroom again.

All Features Less

Nest Protect in action

Know more, worry less.

  • Nest Protect looks for fast burning fires, slow smoldering fires and invisible carbon monoxide (CO). It speaks up to tell you what the problem is and where it is. It can also give you a friendly heads-up before it has to sound the alarm and you can hush it with your phone.

  • In case you’re not home, Nest Protect alerts your phone when the alarm goes off or if the batteries run low. It also gives you greater peace of mind by testing itself over 400 times a day and showing you everything is working with a quick green glow when you turn off the lights.

  • For the night owls, it even lights your way in the middle of the night. And because it can be silenced through your phone, you’ll never have to wave another tea towel again. Available through iSelect, Nest Protect is a thoughtfully designed must-have for any connected home.

Protect your home in just minutes.

You can set up Nest Protect all by yourself, quickly and easily, with your iPhone, iPad or Android device and a working Wi-Fi connection.

Which Nest Protect is for me?

There are two types of Nest Protect devices available. To find out which one you need, just check your current smoke alarm. If it connects to wires, you'll need the Nest Protect (Mains Connected 240V). If it's battery operated, you'll need Nest Protect (Battery)

  • Battery

  • Wired 240V

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