17th August, 2017 | 3 minutes
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The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide to wow your dad

by Matt Duigan
Life Admin Geek

Father’s Day (3 September) is fast approaching. So if you still don’t know what to get your dad for Father’s Day, allow us to help. Here’s our top 10 Father’s Day gifts for 2017.

1. Smartwatch

Does your dad love gadgets with the same passion as a kid in a toy store? Does your dad also struggle replying to simple text messages within a reasonable time frame? Well an Apple or Samsung smartwatch might just be the perfect gift for him. With text and call notifications strapped to his wrist, he’ll have no more excuses for claiming he didn’t see your message.

2. Nest cams

Ideal for the paranoid dad who needs to triple-check they locked the house, Nest’s Wi-Fi outdoor and indoor security cameras allow him to keep a close eye on the home from the convenience of connecting through his smartphone. With a sleek, modern design, Nest Cams look great as they monitor and protect your home. Find out more about connected home products.

Current iSelect offer: Get $50 off Nest Cams when you call and compare any insurance, utility or financial product on 13 19 20. Includes free shipping on Nest Cams!

3. Google Home

Bossy dads can now rejoice! Google Home is perfectly happy for your dad to tell it what to do – and better yet, it won’t talk back! Whether it’s playing music, answering your questions or helping your dad plan his day through verbal commands, Google Home is the ultimate big kid’s toy.

4. Spotify and/or Netflix subscription

Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before: “Back in my day we listened to records and cassettes.” Introduce your dad to the wonders of streaming and get him started with a Spotify or Netflix subscription. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not splurge and get the old man both? Just make sure your dad has a decent download limit before your ‘generous present’ accidentally turns into an expensive internet bill.

5. Bluetooth headphones

How else will your dad listen to his awesome new Spotify subscription without a pair of Bluetooth headphones to go with it? Not only do Bluetooth headphones mean no more annoying wires getting in the way, but the wrap-around designs of models such as the JBL Focus 500 will also keep them from falling out when your dad goes for a run.

The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide to wow your dad

6. Smart luggage

With the internet of things finding its way into most of our everyday items, it was only natural that we would eventually see the emergence of smart luggage. Bluesmart is a brand that offers a range of digital-friendly baggage. From built-in phone chargers and weight sensors to GPS tracking and digital auto-locking, your dad’s old luggage will look like a glorified grocery bag by comparison.

7. AFL merchandise

If your dad’s Melbourne Demons, Brisbane Lions or Sydney Swans jersey is looking a little worse for wear these days, it might be time for an updated model. Not that we’re biased or anything, but the iSelect logo is looking mighty fine on the Melbourne Demons’ jerseys (hint, hint).

The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide to wow your dad

8. Golf swing analyser

If your dad’s golf swing is in need of some serious assistance – but he’s too proud to ask for help – Zepp Golf may offer a tactful solution. Dad simply needs to clip it to his golf glove, take a few swings and Zepp will evaluate areas of improvement and offer a personalised training program.

9. Running shoes

What better way to guilt your dad into working off those excess kilos than by constantly reminding him about those runners he never uses? Make sure you take him into a speciality shoe store where they can evaluate his feet’s biomechanics and find a pair of runners that offer the right level of support.

10. Virtual reality headset

Sick of your dad sitting glued to the TV? Well now he can sit glued to the inside of his VR headset. If he already has a Samsung S6 smartphone or later, then all you need to get him is the Samsung Gear VR headset and he’s ready to lose himself in the wonders of the virtual world.

If all else fails, you could always help your dad finally fix that leaky tap this Father’s Day. We think he’d definitely prefer any of the above though!


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