8th February, 2018 | 3 minutes
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Eight great benefits of extras cover when you are pregnant

by Danielle O'Reilly
Health Geek

When it comes to having a baby there are many benefits to taking out health insurance, and guess what? We’re not just talking about hospital cover! Ancillaries or extras could help to make sure you are covered for the things you may use or need along the way.

Here are our top eight tips on how extras could benefit you when you’re expecting:

Tip 1: Post and antenatal classes: There are a range of different courses and classes available depending on your insurer that are specially designed for mums to-be and mums with bubs. These can include: birthing classes and courses, breastfeeding classes, sleep settling consultations, pre or postnatal visits from a registered midwife and/or compression garments.

Tip 2: Remedial massage and myotherapy: Pregnancy, in some cases, can take a toll on the body, so you might like to consider massage or myotherapy as they may be of assistance during the different stages of pregnancy.

IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to assess how often you would use massage and to compare different limits – some funds are more generous than others with their limits and you want to make sure  you don’t pay more for your extras than you actually use. It is always best to assess the cost against the benefit. Unsure what’s best? Give iSelect a call on 13 19 20 and let us do the maths for you.

Tip 3: Psychology: Did you know after having a baby, up to 80% of women may develop the ‘baby blues’ and 1 in 7 to 10 mothers develop Post Natal Depression? Planning ahead is always recommended for those unknown circumstances, plus, waiting periods may not be too extensive for things such as psychology.

Tip 4: Clinical pilates: Your core muscles may require extra attention when you’re growing a baby. Clinical pilates can help you improve physical strength, reduce lower back pain and address any pelvic issues. But how does it work? Extras policies are divided into a number of categories, and clinical pilates may be available in more than one, depending on how you tailor your plan e.g Physio and/or exercise classes/courses.

Tip 5: Gym membership rebates: Fitness is important when it comes to keeping you and your baby healthy. Some funds can discount a gym membership and even contribute towards personal training lessons.

Tip 6: Natural therapies: Natural therapies are extremely popular for women at all stages of pregnancy and can be used to address various symptoms and issues. Infertility, insomnia, nausea, just to name a few.

IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to assess the benefit paid across your natural therapies as some funds pay a higher rebate which is great for any higher costing therapists.

8 great benefits of extras cover when you are pregnant

Tip 7: Travel and accommodation: If you live more than 200km from your specialist or hospital, you may be able to claim back any travel and/or accommodation costs.

Tip 8: Dental: You may experience dental problems whilst pregnant or in the future. This is because your increased hormones affect your body’s response to plaque. Don’t panic, it’s not always the case and luckily most extras policies include dental. Ask iSelect what policy would be best for your needs. Extras/Ancillaries are a personal choice and they can be tailored to your needs.

Find out more about pregnancy cover.

At iSelect we have the ability to research a number of funds to help you to find a policy that meets your needs.

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