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Below you can learn more about iSelect's editorial team, as well as some of our regular contributors from the fields of personal finance, health, banking, and insurance.
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Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell

Financial Planner and founder of SugarMamma TV

Canna is a qualified financial planner, the founder and director of SASS Financial Services, a boutique financial planning firm, and the founder of SugarMamma TV. She is Channel 9's exclusive 'money expert', and best-selling author of The $1000 Project & Mindful Money.

Laura Crowden

Laura Crowden

Corporate Affairs Manager, iSelect

An accomplished comparison services spokesperson, Laura is passionate about helping Australians to save time, effort and money. Laura has been extensively quoted in the media on how to save on a range of household bills and expenses including health insurance, energy, home loans, and internet.