Claiming the Rebate as a Reduced Premium

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When applying for your new health insurance, or transferring from another fund, you are required to complete a Government Rebate Form and submit this to your nominated health fund, should you wish to claim the rebate as a reduced premium.

This form only needs to be completed by the main policy holder. If you are unsure how to complete this form there is an overview below.

representation of a form to receive the Federal Government 30% Rebate as a Reduced Premium

At the top of your rebate form, write the name of your new health insurance fund.

Below this, you are asked for your new membership number. If unknown simply leave this section blank.

Where you're asked 'Are you covered by this policy' select YES and;

The date your 'premium reduction commenced' is the start date of your policy.

Continue filling in the following sections with your

  • Medicare details
  • Your personal details
  • Other persons to be covered details

Select the Yes box on this second page, sign and date the form, and send it in and that's it!

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