Claim the rebate from a Medicare Office

To claim the rebate from Medicare you are required to complete a rebate form and submit this, and proof your premiums have been debited (bank or credit card statements). This must be done each time you claim the rebate this way.

representation of the federal government 30% rebate claim form

Section 1 requires the name of your health fund, your membership number with your fund and your personal details.

In Section 2 you will need to fill in some details that can be found on your bank/credit card statement

  • Your health fund id - 3 letter code for your health fund
  • The period of cover you are claiming - date your payment was debited to the date your next payment is debited
  • Type of cover - Hospital, Ancillary (extras) or combined
  • Membership type - Family, Couple, Single, Single Parent

You are only required to complete Section 3 if you are having an authorized representative (someone else) receiving payment on your behalf. If so, ensure that both signatures are present, and Medicare may require photo ID.

Complete Section 4 with your medicare details, sign and date the form, drop it into your nearest Medicare office and your cash will be in your hands!

This website is intended to provide general information only and does not constitute financial advice and should not be taken as such. iSelect urges you to seek advice on your specific situation from your financial advisor before making a decision.

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