How to Claim the Rebate as Part of Your Tax Return

When tax time comes around your health fund will issue you with a form that's known as a "Private Health Insurance Statement".

The Private Health Insurance Statement will outline:

  • The total premium of your policy,
  • The amount you paid for the financial year,
  • Any premium reductions received,
  • Your rebate entitlement.

Please note that there will be no premium reduction if you have chosen to claim the rebate as part of your tax return.

The total rebate you can claim in $ can be found in section G.

This is the $ amount you will receive on top of your tax return!

To claim the rebate you will need to write the $ amount located in G on your private health insurance statement, in section T5 (illustrated below) of your tax return form.

representation of section t5 in a tax return form

At the bottom of page 4, the green section, will ask you for your specific health fund details. These can be found in boxes B and C of your health insurance statement.

representation of section t5 in a tax return form

Your health insurance statement will also need to be submitted with your tax return.

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