Participating Health Funds

We provide product recommendations from the following participating health funds that we act for:

We may not compare all policies offered by our participating funds but only those which they wish to offer through iSelect. This is known as our 'Approved Product List', which can vary from time to time. We also may not compare all of our participating funds when recommending a policy.

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* Teachers Union Health, Teachers Health Fund and Transport Health are restricted funds. This means that the funds offer health insurance to people who fit particular criteria.

Teachers Union Health (TUH)

TUH is predominantly open to people who are a member of a union in the education sector or the public sector, as well as their family members.
To join TUH you must meet certain eligibility requirements. If you meet any of the following criteria you will be eligible to join TUH.

1) Current and former members of one of the following:

  • Queensland Teachers' Union of Employees - QTU
  • Independent Education Union of Australia - IEUA (formerly QIEU)
  • Together QLD Industrial Union of Employees (formerly ASC, C&A and QPSU)
  • Australian Services Union Services Branch - ASU
  • Community and Public Sector Union - CPSU

2) Any person who is has been employed by a school, university or any other tertiary education, further education or training institution (other than a teacher) and is or has been a member of a union or whose occupation had no union coverage.

3) Any person who is or has been an employee of QTU, IEUA or TUH.

4) Any family member (parent, partner of former partner, dependent child, adult child and their partner, grandchild, brother and sister inc. their partner and dependent children) of a person who is eligible to join TUH (whether the eligible person is a member or not).

Transport Health

You are only eligible to apply if you or your partner are currently employed by or contracted to:

  • A land, sea or air transport company,
  • A government body responsible for administering services to the transport industry,
  • A company that provides contract services to any of the above organisations.
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