New Hospital Finder – Find your nearest hospital

Our new Hospital Finder makes it easy to locate more than 700 hospitals. We made use of Google Maps to help you find the nearest hospital based on your address and health fund.

Type in your address, select a health fund and click search.

We’ll find the closest hospitals that have an agreement with the health fund you selected and show them on a map.

If you then click on a specific hospital, you’ll be greeted with more information like the address, phone number and approximate distance to the hospital from the location entered.

To access this great feature simply ‘Get a Quote’ and select ‘Find Hospitals’ on your results page.

Other Hospital Finder features:

  • View 10 or 20 nearest hospitals per location
  • Click on a map marker and the hospital details will display or select a hospital from the list on the left and it will activate the map marker
  • Hospitals displayed are in order of proximity to the address details from the nearest to the farthest location