The cost of health insurance is going up from April 1, 2014. Ouch!

Health insurance premiums are going up again and it's the biggest increase in almost a decade. Some funds will raise their prices a little and some funds a lot. iSelect has created this nifty calculator below so you can find out how it may affect you. Call us on 13 19 20 to review your health insurance, because you don't want to be an April fool! Want to know more? CLICK HERE

On average# has increased premiums by  
Based on the average increase# you could pay an extra

Per month

Per year

#These calculations are based on the average increase announced by the Dept of Health and Ageing for each fund. However, your specific policy's premium may have increased at a higher or lower percentage than the fund average, therefore it is important to review your premium increase letter from your fund to understand how you are affected. Rate increases may take effect on different dates for different funds. These calculations do not include any changes in government rebates in 2014.

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